Motivational Maps

What is a Motivational Map and How can they help you?

The Motivational Map is an ISO 17065 accredited online assessment taken by thousands of people globally every year that focuses on motivation rather than personality.

The assessment is quick and easy to complete and measures 3 clusters of motivation: relationships, achievements and growth. Within these clusters are 9 individual motivators. By asking simple, yet pertinent questions, Motivational Maps generates a unique, individual map detailing the contribution of each motivator and how this can affect personal performance.

With input from a qualified practitioner and your own 16 page detailed report these Maps are designed to help individuals understand their motivators at a deeper level and give practical ideas they can use in their day to day as a result – this leads to better self-understanding, improved career planning and increased performance.

Who benefits from taking Motivational Maps

There is never a bad time to focus on what truly motivates us but, in our experience, there are certain times in our business and personal lives, that act as a catalyst for us to want an objective understanding of what makes us tick. Some of these may resonate with you:

School/university leavers- how clear are you on your future direction as you start out in the world of work?

Career Change- is it time to really understand what you want from the next phase of your career?

Redundancy Situations- do you want to ensure that you’ll be joining a company and environment to maximise your potential?

Mid-career plateaus- what needs to change for you to perform at your best?

Retirement Planning- how will you ensure you’re doing enough of the stuff you love?

Ready to take the next step to towards Mapping your Motivations?

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“Ian assessed our team at UMI providing 121 and group feedback on motivation levels as well as practical insights into what we could do differently. I’d definitely recommend Ian and Motivational Maps.”  – Mark Crossingham, Managing Director, Universal Music Ireland